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In order to make users feel more comfortable using our products and being responsible for the interests of users, we have made the following service commitments:
        1. After the product is sold, the user can call us for a consultation, and the user service personnel should reply in time. The special or complicated problem must not exceed 24 hours.
        Second, the user feedback problem that the letter or the phones can't solve, the user service department should take the on-site service or ask the user to enter the factory service. According to the situation reflected by the user or on-site inspection to determine whether it is a quality problem, the “three guarantees” claim procedure shall be handled according to the service control procedure.
        Third, the problems that arise in the user's use, because the reasons or responsibilities are unclear, to reduce the user's loss, generally solve the problem first, then analyze, deal with, and find out the reasons and responsibilities.

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